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Frequently asked questions

What sort of devices can Apple Masters repair?

At Apple Masters, we repair phones on a daily basis. In addition, we are capable of handling all sorts of electronic repairs, including laptops, tablets & gaming systems. We specialize in:

iPhone repair

iPad Repair

iPad repair

iWatch Repair

Mac Repair

Samsung repair

Huawei repair

Sony repair

LG Repair

Laptop repair

Desktop PC Repair

Xbox repair

PlayStation repair

Nintendo Repair

PSP Reair

Wii repair

& so much more!

What is the success rate for water damage repair?

Water damage is unpredictable, so it’s hard to know how your device will recover. Typically, we have a water damage repair success rate of 75% percent, but there is no warranty included with this type of repair.

What does the Apple Masters limited lifetime warranty cover?

Apple Masters limited warranty covers any factory defects in the parts that we install, as well as our workmanship. The warranty does not cover issues caused by physical or liquid damage, or other issues not related to our service.

I found someone who can repair my device for less. Why should I choose Apple Masters?

While there’s always someone who can fix your device on the cheap, beware of prices that seem too good to be true. A cheap repair often involves subpar replacement parts and unscrupulous technicians, leading to further damage and more repairs in the long run.

When you come to Apple Masters, you are not paying for over 20 years of experience. We believe in using top-quality parts and upholding the highest standards to ensure we get every repair right. Our repairs are trustworthy: we use professional-grade replacement parts, provide lifetime warranties, and are always there to help with any future issues.

Some disreputable tech ‘wizards’ (primarily those working from home or dodgy stores) may claim to know what is wrong with a device just by looking at it. The technicians in our lab are humans, not wizards, and they will use every tool they can to assess and fix your device. We will never promise the impossible only to end up charging you a fortune later.

At Apple Masters, honesty, transparency, and professionalism are our watchwords. Our customers love us because they trust us—which sets us apart and gives us the confidence to be straightforward. No one likes nasty surprises, so we will always explain what we are doing to your device and why.

What should I do if my phone gets submerged in liquid?

After you’ve removed your device from the liquid, switch it off, do not plug the charger, dry the outside of the phone, being careful to avoid pressing any buttons and turn the device on. If possible, remove the battery (If removable) to decrease the likelihood of a short. Then bring your water-damaged item to Apple Masters and we will gladly take over from there!

When should a device’s battery be replaced?

The typical battery begins to deteriorate after 700 charging cycles. The average user will reach this point after a year of regular usage. Some devicess last longer, but by 1000 cycles you will almost certainly need a new battery!

How can I tell whether I have a faulty battery or charging port?

If your device doesn’t charge at all, check to see if the charging port is loose or dirty. If it’s loose, you will most likely need a charging port replacement; if it's dirty, it just needs cleaning! If the port looks sound and a cord can be firmly plugged in, you are most likely experiencing a battery issue.

What if I need my item repaired as quickly as possible?

Typically, most of the walk-in repairs for minor issues like screen damage and battery replacements are completed within 30 minutes, while you wait.

We deal with mail-in repairs of the same type within 24/48 hours. If you need your item back even sooner, let our staff know, and we will try our best to help.

What does the repair estimate or diagnostic include?

The repair cost includes both replacement parts and labour.

The diagnostic service will help our technicians do their job better: by assessing your device, then identifying and gaining a full understanding of the problem, they will be better able to plan the most effective and convenient way to deal with it. Accordingly, we will be able to estimate the cost of the repair more accurately.

The diagnostic service will also help you decide: is it worth repairing this device? By having an estimate upfront, you will know whether it would be more convenient to simply buy another used or refurbished device, instead of repairing the broken one—and we can help with this too.

Do you offer free diagnostics and estimates?

Our estimates and diagnostics are absolutely free when you proceed with the repair. However, if the repair does not take place following diagnostics, there are some professional fees for the service:

If, after carrying out a full diagnostic, we find the device is not repairable (or to do so is not cost-effective), we will charge a flat rate of £25.

If we complete a full diagnostic, find we can repair the device, but you decide not to go ahead with the repair for any reason, the fees are as follows:

Phones - £20

Tablets - £25.00

Laptops - £35.00

Desktops: £25.00

(Fees applied will help Apple Masters to maintain the highest standards and offer the best service. We continue to invest in new technologies in order to offer better value.)

Do I need to book an appointment to use your walk-in service?

Yes, it's essential as we are operating by booking only at the moment. You will experience a better service by booking an appointment, because our staff will be prepared for your arrival. You are also less likely to have to wait while we serve other customers.

Booking will help our time management and planning, and in return you can benefit from a up to 10% discount to your repairs in-store.

(For repairs without an appointment, a flat fee of £5 is applicable. This will help us with costs and staff time associated with assessing your case in-store, like printed paperwork and the manual data entry required to validate the services and warranty we provide.)

Can you estimate a repair without diagnostics?

If the problem is visible, in most cases we have the experience and tools to offer an estimate without the diagnostic service. For example, with a broken screen, a non-charging port, or even an aged battery, by externally examining the parts (using software or a unique tool), we can establish the health or condition of the component. However, we do strongly suggest any faulty device go through diagnostics for your peace of mind.

In a few cases, we will refuse to repair a device without first running diagnostics. Some of the types of fault that we will refuse to repair without diagnostics include: water-damaged devices, logic board or motherboard issues and short circuits, data recovery, damaged components or internal parts, and bent or badly damaged devices due to a fall or impact.

We understand this might be frustrating, but you will thank us later, as it could save you a lot of hassle and money. Because we pride ourselves as a trustworthy and professional repair centre, we don’t cut corners—and we must also comply with a few specific industrial standards. If we attempt a repair without running diagnostics, it may cause you inconvenience and loss, put you at risk, or affect our staff and business. Some disreputable technicians may offer this service. Is it worth it? We leave that to you to answer, but we believe that honesty is the best policy.